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Archive: Feb 2019

Sips and Sea Dogs Tour Dates for 2019 Season Now On Sale!

a green truck parked in front of a car

It may still be winter, but it’s time to think about baseball again. Training camps have pitchers and catchers working out, and will soon be in full swing. With another Red Sox World Series victory last year, fans are really excited about the upcoming season. We’ve been working again with our friends at the Portland Sea Dogs, and…

2018 Year in Review – Marketing and Outreach


We know that we can amaze and delight our guests once they are on the bus, but how do our guests first find out about us? Do they learn about us at an event, discover us when searching for things to do, or directly by word of mouth? Let’s take a look at our marketing…

2018 Year in Review – Guest Satisfaction


Our guests love to talk about their experiences on our tours. They tell their friends, co-workers, and families. They rate us on public review sites and also tell us their thoughts in a private survey link. Let’s see how our tours performed last year. Note: This is the fourth post in a series looking back at…

2018 Year in Review – Partner Revenue


Every tour that The Maine Brew Bus conducts generates serious revenue for many other small businesses in Maine. Today we will see how much money is distributed to our various partners as a result. Note: This is the third post in a series looking back at our tour operations during 2018. Click here to read…

2018 Year in Review – Tour Information


The Maine Brew Bus conducted hundreds of different tours during 2018. Let’s see just how far we went and where we visited during the year. Note: This is the second in a series looking back at our tour operations during 2018. Click here to read the first post about Guest Composition.  One of the first…