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Group Trips

Insiders Experience: Iceland – Day Four “The Golden Circle”


Our Insiders Experience: Iceland group trip with Longer Vacations is coming towards a close. But we cannot leave without visiting the Golden Circle to observe some truly amazing geological features. In today’s post, find out more about what they saw. The group was up early for breakfast and ready to go for a 9:30 am…

Insiders Experience: Iceland – Day Three “Sips, Sights, and Northern Lights”


The highly anticipated third day on our Insiders Experience: Iceland group trip with Longer Vacations brought us a little bit of everything: Icelandic whisky, beer, hot dogs, and a quest to find the elusive Aurora Borealis. Our travelers had a very memorable day, learn more about it in today’s post. Darkness gave way to light…

Insiders Experience: Iceland – Day Two “Cheers around Reykjavik”


The second day on our Insiders Experience: Iceland group trip with Longer Vacations brought us to many different places around the capital city of Reykjavik. We even managed to find our way into a pop-up bar filled with local beer industry people. Read about the continuing adventures of our lucky 13 travelers in today’s post….

Insiders Experience: Iceland – Day One “Welcome to Iceland”


Our Insiders Experience: Iceland trip with Longer Vacations is underway. 13 travelers from all over the United States have arrived in the country that is famous for tremendous geological features, warm and friendly people, and even craft beer! Learn more about the first day of their journey. After our intrepid travelers got off their overnight…

Insider Experience: Ireland – Day Six Back to Dublin


Another night of fun in Cork City leads to the inevitable – the trip back to Dublin and the end of our Insider Experience: Ireland group trip. Along the way, we will visit two of the world-renowned Irish alcohol brands: Jameson Distillery and Guinness Brewery. There also is a very special surprise waiting in a…

Insider Experience: Ireland – Day Five to Cobh


The pace has slowed down just a little on our Insider Experience: Ireland group trip. There is a second night of lodging planned in Cork so that we can check out a small but important town, a medium-sized brewery, and have time to visit some of the pubs that might have been a little too busy the night…

Insider Experience: Ireland – Day Four to Cork


The very special day has arrived – it is now Saint Patrick’s Day in Ireland! While in Dingle we marched is the earliest parade in the country, and then once in Cork we attended one of the largest parades in Ireland. Here is the story from Day Four of the Insider Experience: Ireland group trip. We…

Insider Experience: Ireland – Day Three to Dingle


It’s time to hit the road once again and make our way down to the Dingle Peninsula. Along the way, we will visit the pubs of two different families that are connected to our trip, and get inspiration from locally-made gin, vodka, whiskey, and beer. Here is the report from Day Three of the Inside…

Insider Experience: Ireland – Day Two to Limerick


Setting out bright and early after our first day and night in Ireland, our group of Insider Experience: Ireland travelers headed out of Portlaoise and towards the west coast of the country. Here is the report about their incredible adventures along the way. A long night for some and an early rise for all really…